Newbuilding and refitting projects for cruise, superyachts and merchant vessels

Ortec Santamaria is a leading player in the field of the design, construction and installation of electrical systems and low voltage  switchboards for the marine and shore industry.

The company has developed a very high degree of specialization in the design and installation of marine electrical systems for the cruise passenger ships of the mini cruise and  superyachts type, having successfully completed more than twenty such projects for T. Mariotti shipyard in Genova since 1995 until today.

The scope of Ortec Santamaria supply covers the turn on key project management which includes the design of the complete ship electrical system, of the main, auxiliary and emergency switchboard, starters and MCC and other electrical cabinlets as well as the system installation (cable trays laying, cables installation and connection) up to and including the commissioning and testing of the system for acceptance by the class and the shipowner’s representatives.

The same services are offered to the naval shipyards and to Shipowners companies for refitting, conversion and repair projects of electrical systems for passenger ships, superyachts as well as for the merchant vessels sector. About ten of such projects having been completed in the recent years for Italian and foreign customers.


Ortec Santamaria can, according to the clients’ and project requirements supply all or part of the service that compose the turn on key project separately.  For instance, the design and construction of the main, auxiliary, emergency switchboards, starters etc or only the electrical system installation scope.

The design and construction of the electrical switchboards is a long time established and consolidated company activity; among the returning customers the company has Fincantieri Navy ship division (with orders placed for the Italian navy and for ships of foreign navies), naval newbuilding and repair shipyards for passenger and merchant ships, repair and conversion projects as well as ashore energy and transport companies in Italy and abroad.

The activities presented are being successfully carried out thanks to the company strongpoints:

  • Specific competence and experience of the personnel.
  • Adaptability to the client requirements in finding the best technical solution.
  • Flexibility in the production process of the equipment and of the project management
  • Optimization of the production costs.
  • Capacity to manage effectively a few projects at the same time.



Modular panels for the marine and industrial sector

Ortec Santamaria provides the marine industry and the productive sector with fully customizable solutions of modular marine panels for primary and secondary distribution on board, of any type of pulpit or console, of complete onboard electric and automation plants; the consolidated experience on the marine sector allows the company to provide low voltage modular electric panels to the industrial sector.

Modular Marine Panels

The modularity of the system allows to satisfy the market needs for low voltage electric panels for primary and secondary distribution on board ships. These bins have main bars with a nominal range up to 6300A and nominal voltage of 690V.

Consol & Pulpit Control

Any type of pulpit or console is realized on drawings.
The structure of welded type can be of any material (steel, aluminum, stainless steel).


All electric and automation plants on board ships are designed, purchased, supplied, installed, tested, commissioned and delivered by ORTEC SANTAMARIA, according to Standards.

  • Control Panels for power distribution.
  • Energy that allow ships to plough seas.
  • Equipment that permit to communicate and diffuse music.
  • Safety Systems for safe navigation.
  • Automation system.
  • Phone and video systems.
  • Motor control system.
  • PMS Power Management System.
  • Electronic cards system repair.
  • Rudder angle indicator instruments.
  • Continuous level and consumption indicators.
  • Electronic - capacitive - hydrostatic - inductive level transmitters.
  • Fins stabiliser.
  • Bildge water detection control units.

Modular Industrial Panels

The philosophy applied in manufacturing of low voltage panels is that of high safety and compatibility with customer’s equipment.

These bins have main bars with a range from 800A to 6300A and nominal voltage of 600V.


Ortec Santamaria specialized services



The company ensures a 24 hours, 365 days full assistance to every installation. Ortec Santamaria provides highly customized services; from the testing, repair and maintenance phases to all the post installations surveys, Ortec Santamaria is the right partner for the electrical and electromechanical installations and maintenance.


Electrotechnical Service

  • Testing and Maintenance of MV – LV Circuit breakers.
  • Automation maintenance, revamping and problem solving.
  • Predictive diagnostics (thermography, insultation test).
  • Non destructive electric test.


Electromechnical Services

  • AC/DC Electric motors maintenance and repair.
  • Alternators inspection, maintenance and repair.
  • Vibration test and Dynamic balancing.


Electrical Plant Services

  • Automation system
  • Control system form Main Engines and Power Generators
  • Laying of power, auxiliary and signal cables
  • Revamping existing electric systems
  • Testing, trials and commissioning


Monitoring and diagnostic activities

  • Thermographic inspections.
  • Vibrometric inspections dynamic balancing.
  • Non-destructive electric tests for checking winding.
  • insulation state condition.
  • Endoscopic checks.
  • Balancing to check for any imbalance in rotating masses (rotors, turbines, fans).
  • Diagnostics for MV - LV Breakers of any makers.


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